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Bashkiria.travel publish information about culture, geography, and other things for Bashkiria (The Republic of Bashkortostan). Bashkiria (Republic of Bashkortostan) is a republic of Russia that lies between the Volga Mountains and the Ural Mountains in Eastern Europe. Bashkiria has a total area of 143,600 square kilometers and a population above 4,000,000. It is Russia’s largest republic and Ufa is the capital of Bashkiria and which is the largest city.¬†

The citizen of Bashkiria is very polite and also known as Bashkirs. Bashkiria’s native Bashkir people are Muslims who speak a Turkic tongue.

Bashkiria is a “second Switzerland”, with high mountains and vast steppes, evergreen forests, and 600 rivers and 800 lakes. Here, there are many types of tourism and sports.

We will try to bring and share the beauty of Bashkiria before the world. Bashkiria is just like paradise on this earth. Today nobody discusses beauty and goodness for Bashkiria.

We will try to be aware of all about Bashkiria.



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